The Less-Stress Vets: House Call Veterinarians

Our mobile veterinarians

We make full-service veterinary house calls serving Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Our doctors provide veterinary care for your healthy and sick companions, including vaccinations, blood work, diagnostics and lab tests; right in your home. For x-rays, surgery or hospitalization, we are affiliated with various local hospitals.

Our doctors' house calls last an average of 45 minutes so that they can provide personalized care for the pets and have time for in-depth discussions with the clients. Our clients avoid the inconvenience of a veterinary office visit and exposing their animals to undue stress. We are truly The Less-Stress Vets.

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We have expanded our services and opened an animal hospital

in Morristown, New Jersey!

Our unique facility offers separate areas for our feline and canine guests. This provides comfort and security for your pet with minimal stress. We have state-of-the art equipment and a highly trained, compassionate staff to ensure the safety of all our patients. We offer surgery; dental procedures including extractions and intra-oral radiographs; medical baths; radiographs; cold laser treatments; examinations; plus so much more.

If your pet does not like to travel or you live far from the hospital, we will transport your pet to our hospital and return them to you.

VETdispatch Animal Hospital

80 Washington Street

Morristown, NJ 07960



Make a House Call Appointment

Call us at the following toll-free number, or click your state button for local numbers and more information:

(877) 400-VETS [8387]

Before you call, we highly recommend starting your pets' electronic medical records.

Registration will prevent clerical errors, save time on the phone and provide the doctors with the information they need before the first visit to your home.

Dr. Elliott at a house call appointment
Dr. Elliott treats a patient during a home visit


Our Services

The following is a partial list of the services we can perform during a home visit. After an exam, our doctors present our clients with the most appropriate and cost effective options.

  • Wellness Exams
    • These are the periodic and healthy pet exams that are usually combined with routine diagnostics and vaccinations.
  • Sick Animal Exams
    • These are for animals who are feeling under the weather or who have medical conditions. These exams are usually combined with diagnostics and treatment plans.
  • Young or Senior Animal Exams
    • Very young or elderly animals require special care. These exams are designed to meet the needs of those age groups.
  • Exotic Small Mammal Exams – Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC Only
    • These exams are designed to meet the special care needs of exotic small mammals (Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents) and should be scheduled twice annually.
  • Routine Diagnostics
  • Wellness Diagnostics
  • Other Diagnostics
    • Skin Scraping (for Mite Infestation)
    • Ear Cytology (for Bacteria and Yeast Infections)
    • Fine Needle Aspirate Cytology (for Skin Growths or Masses)
    • Ear Mite Swabs
    • Bacterial Culture with Antibiotic Sensitivity Test
  • Preventive Medicine and Treatment Plans (Including Medications Dispensed During the Visit or Shipped Directly to Your Home)
    • Heartworm Monthly Prevention
    • Flea and Tick Control
    • Prescription Medications
  • Core and Recommended Vaccines
    • Dogs
      • DHPP Vaccine (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus)
      • Rabies Vaccine
      • Bordetella Vaccine
      • Lyme Vaccine
      • Leptospirosis Vaccine
    • Cats
      • FVRCP Vaccine (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)
      • Rabies Vaccine
      • FeLV Vaccine (Feline Leukemia Virus)
    • Ferrets – Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington DC Only
      • Ferret Distemper Vaccine
      • Rabies Vaccine
  • Compassionate At-Home Euthanasia