About Us

VETdispatch, home of the mobile veterinarians, is an organization with the goal of making high quality and affordable veterinary house calls available to any pet owner. It is the collaborative result of two types of independent entities: an administrative services entity (Veterinary Dispatch Corporation) and several pure veterinary practices. Separating the administrative services from the practice of veterinary medicine allows our doctors to provide the most cost effective care without being burdened with the management headaches of running a practice. Those savings are passed on to the clients through competitive pricing while providing the best healthcare possible. VETdispatch is designed with you in mind, and our business model is streamlined to help you and your pet get affordable house calls.

“I wanted to go into house call practice because during my many years of hospital work, I observed that an office visit often presents a significant inconvenience to pet owners as well as their animal companions,” Dr. Debbie Elliott, one of our founders, says. “This is especially true for households with multiple pets, older animals, pets who have difficulty traveling to a veterinarian’s office or those who exhibit fear in unfamiliar environments. Some clear signs of a stressed animal include increased vocalization, nausea, vomiting, and inappropriate urination or defecation. Anyone whose pets experience those difficulties while traveling to an office visit knows the value of having a veterinarian come to their home.”

“I have always enjoyed discussing the pets’ health with the owners, but frequently felt rushed in a hospital environment where I had to see one patient every 15 minutes,” Dr. Elliott adds. “Having ample time allows me to form a more lasting relationship with the pets and their human companions.”

Our veterinarians are highly experienced and widely known in their communities.  We are in many states and localities.  Please check our main page for the locations we serve.