Our Hospital

Welcome to Our Home!

This is the place where you and your pet will receive special, individual, compassionate veterinary care.  If your pet does not travel well, use our house call service where we provide the same high quality care your pet deserves, in the comfort of your home.  Our hospital is an extension of our house call service, furnished as a home rather than a hospital.  You enter into our living room where comfortable, brightly colored chairs and carpets invite you to sit and relax with your pet.

Your pet will be treated in either our cat or dog friendly sitting rooms.  These are specific to the species and provide a more relaxed environment.  Rooms have carpets, comfortable chairs, and a table.  Our veterinarians will examine your pet on the surface that keeps him as comfortable as possible. If he requires x-rays, we bring the radiology department to you!   Our portable x-ray equipment will accommodate any painful or frightened animal without having to leave your room.

Professional and Compassionate Veterinary Care in Our Home or Yours

If your pet needs to have a surgical or a dental procedure, he will head upstairs to our surgical and dental suites.  He will continue to receive exceptional, caring, and loving attention by our experienced veterinary team.  We have state-of-the-art equipment to monitor, care for, and attend to your pet while he is under anesthesia.  Our team provides a well-rounded dental care plan that includes full mouth dental x-rays, cleaning and polishing of the teeth, and extractions with pain management.  After the procedure, your pet recovers in our cat or dog specific suites.  Although we service both dogs and cats, we do everything possible to keep them separate in order to reduce anxiety.

Whether your pet needs an examination, vaccinations, radiographs (x-rays), ultrasound, surgery or a dental procedure, our team is here to provide top quality care.

We even provide transportation to the hospital if needed.

We believe in reducing the anxiety to a patient and their owner by providing a comfortable environment.  We truly are the Less Stress Vets!

VETdispatch Animal Hospital

80 Washington Street
Morristown, NJ 07960