Testimonials for VETdispatch

I’ve had the pleasure to have VETdispatch care for my adopted cat Maisie for a little over a year now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their excellent service every time. 

The first and best thing about VETdispatch is that they do house calls. That means, if your furry friend doesn’t like to leave the house or you would rather have a home visit by the vet, that’s exactly what they do, and it’s super convenient. 

Dr. Laura Jones and her technicians are always well-equipped and really take the time to get to know their patients and explain to the “parent” everything they are doing and how to maintain or improve the health of their pets. This includes conversations about their diet, dental health, socialization, play time, etc. They are such a great resource and have always answered my questions in depth.

They do pretty much everything, from nail trimming to lab tests. They also have an online pharmacy where you can fulfill any prescriptions and get them delivered right to your door.

After each visit, Dr. Jones will email you a detailed summary of the visit and any necessary next steps for treatment, which is always good to have. All in all, I am 100% happy with their service and would recommend it to anyone!!!

Bo B., Philadelphia 


Dr. Maa and Erica did a great job with Jasmine. I appreciate that they were able to come out so quickly on Monday. Her knowledge about the situation helped me make some decisions that I was on the fence about. I appreciate the effort she made to call the Cardiologists office about the situation. I really felt like she was part of the team for Jasmine’s care. I know Jasmine is very sick, but I appreciate how positive Dr. Maa was about the situation. She really helped me in administering very necessary meds. I will recommend her to other people with sick animals.

-Cheryl Sollars, Davidsonville


I just want to thank Dr. Lori Walker for making us feel so comfortable when having Kali put to sleep. It was one of the worst days, but at the same time very special. They made an uncomfortable time feel very calming, for Lynda and I as well as for our other dog, Jamie. Thank god for you guys!!! I wanted everyone to know how much it meant to us to make Kali feel safe and calm. Thank you everyone at VETdispatch!!

-Kelley and Lynda, Linden


My cat was not upset during her exam because she was in a familiar environment. She didn’t have to be transported in her carrier, which she hates. She just ran out of the room and was fine a few minutes later. She didn’t have to go back in the carrier to go home. And I didn’t have to listen to her complaining. My favorite part of the exam was watching and learning what was happening. Everything Dr. Tracy Cohen-Grady and the tech did was explained to me as it was done. Some test results were even available immediately. What surprised me was how professional but at the same time comfortable and friendly the service was. I have been telling all my friends how great the overall experience was, far exceeding my expectations.

-Sandy, Hillsdale


Dr. Hansen came to my house to give my “evil” cat her rabies vaccine. She asked me if I wanted her nails cut while she was in there. I said, “anything beyond the rabies shot would be a bonus.” Not only was she able to give her the rabies shot, but she also gave her the distemper shot, performed an examination and trimed her nails. WOW! Am I shocked and happy that I now found a vet that my cat doesn’t want to kill! I will continue to call them for all of my cat’s needs and will be recommending them to everyone I know with pets! Great Job Dr. Hansen!!!!!!!

-Anette Erickson, Bloomfield


Dr. Holly Hansen is so fantastic and helped me get through the awful part of having a pet. I wish I knew her many years ago. I would recommend her to anyone. My building has many pets that I am sure would love her service and I will spread the word about your wonderful in home care.

-Brett, Jersey City


I just want to thank VETdispatch and the Dr’s who make the housecalls. I don’t know how else my cat Storm would have gotten veterinary care. Dr. Lori Walker and her tech were very kind, caring and thorough. It was a very positive experience. Not only for me, but most importantly my furbaby. It was well worth the money for me.

-Gina, Newton


I wanted to let the people at VETdispatch know how much I appreciated the tremendous love and compassion exhibited by Dr. Cohen-Grady and her assistant, Alycia, during Auggie’s euthanasia yesterday. I will never forget the tender, loving care they gave Auggie – and his heartbroken owner – as he faced the inevitable. Both of them were just tremendous and they have my eternal gratitude for helping me get through a very tough day.

-Steven Schwartz, Cresskill


Our cat Suzy does not travel well and cannot tolerate a travel cage even for short periods of time. When she became ill and needed medical attention we chose VETdispatch. Dr. Elliott and her able assistant, Marie, came to our home to take care of our cat Suzy who was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. They arrived on time as promised and the overall care and treatment could not have been more thorough, professional and delivered with kindness and sincerity. Dr. Elliott and Marie’s handling of Suzy was so comforting to her, that Dr. Elliot had difficulty listening to Suzy’s heartbeat, as she would not stop purring! She was brought up to date with her shots and given an antibiotic treatment that turned Suzy around from a very sick cat to a happy cat in 2 days time. Dr. Elliott was very generous with her time and patience as she explained clearly her diagnosis and prognoses for Suzy’s recovery. Dr. Elliott had a wonderful way of interacting with us as she answered a multitude of questions about cat diseases. We will use VETdispatch in the future and have recommended their services to our family and friends for the convenience and professional medical attention that we received for our pet.

-Harry and Debbie McCall, Milltown


House call exams are much less stressful for my four dogs. They actually enjoy a visit from the vet where a hospital exam has always been stressful for them. The service is very convenient since there are no loading the pets into the car and traveling to the vet’s office. I have a very hectic work/family schedule and time saved is very valuable. The time I would have spent sitting in a waiting room at the vet’s office can now be spent preparing dinner while I wait for the vet to arrive at my home. I am surprised by the competitive pricing with this added convenience. I would strongly recommend this service to family and friends because it is such a nice way for pets to be seen by the vet without the inconvenience of travel. Dr. Tracy Cohen-Grady and her vet tech exceeded my expectations..

-Linda, Upper Saddle River


I want to thank Dr. Lori Walker for coming to my home today. Sophie battled severe allergies for a very long time, and although over the past couple of years various treatments were attempted it seemed her quality of life was not what it should be. Sophie was my loyal companion for 13 years, and making this decision was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Dr. Walker and her technician were so compassionate during this heartbreaking day for me that I could not help but write a thank you. I am definitely keeping Dr. Walker’s name in my address book to use in the future. My heart is broken at the loss of Sophie, but knowing she is at peace made it easier to deal with . Thank you for being the kind and compassionate people you are.

-Laura Oosse, Franklin


VETdispatch was a major prayer answered! Our war rescue pup, Liora, was terrified of humans in white lab coats and confined spaces. VETdispatch quickly came to our home and built confidence with Liora. Liora’s stress immediately decreased and she is now a calm and confidant pup with Vet Dispatch’s help. She actually allows Dr. Maa to come close and treat her. Thanks, Dr. Maa!!

-Karis and Laura, Glenn Dale


We are very pleased with the care given our dog Missy. When you arrived she could barely walk due to arthritis and ACL problems. The time you spent with her and the pain management treatments were outstanding. I am happy to report that she gets around much much better. Thanks for all you have done for us.

-The Buchanans, Randolph


I am very happy with Dr. Elliott’s home vet care. It’s epecially beneficial for the cats. Dr. Elliott and her assistants are really patient and willing to do whatever it takes, as long as the animals are comfortable.

-Lori Miller, Califon


We would like to thank Dr. Lori Walker for making a difficult time, easier for our family. We had to unexpectedly put our 10 year old German Shepherd, Cody to sleep. We did not want him all stressed out by a trip to the vets office. We wanted his journey to the Rainbow Bridge to be peaceful, at home. And it was, thanks to Dr. Lori , who was very understanding, compassionate, caring, and supportive. Thank you VETdispatch for providing this service.

-Doreene Demarest, Lafayette


I would like to give a special thank you to VETdispatch, Dr. Laura Jones and her technician. Recently my cat Spooky had a visit from Dr. Jones and her technician. My experience with the people from VETdispatch has been wonderful. The receptionists were helpful answering my questions before Dr. Jones’ visit. Dr. Jones is a very patient veterinarian. Spooky is a handful to say the least. He is highly verbal and not in the good way and when he is frightened he can be combative. I think that Dr. Jones and her technician were wonderful in the way they handled my pet baby. The exam was extremely thorough. Dr. Jones sat down with me. I answered her questions and she got acquainted with Spooky. I did not feel rushed in any way. I am also grateful for all the recommendations made by Dr. Jones. The discharge letter with all the related web sites is very helpful to use as a guide as I implement some changes in Spooky’s routine. I used the pharmacy that was recommended and I am pleased with their services as well. All around this has been a very positive experience and I look forward to continuing my relationship with VETdispatch. Thank you again and…Well Done Team!

– Cassandra Rossi , Berwyn


My husband and I want to express our immense gratitude to both Dr. Elliot and Daren for their professionalism and compassion during the extremely difficult time of having our sweet old dog, Amber, put to sleep a few weeks ago. Dr. Elliot explained the procedure and what to expect, start to finish. They gave us the time we needed before, during and after the entire procedure to say our goodbyes and showed the utmost respect in the handling of Amber. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Elliot and Daren; thank you for the wonderful service you provide.

– Krista and Mark Wood , Rockaway


VETdispatch provides very convenient at home care. The care and attention is very personal for each pet, not just the one being treated. It’s been wonderful for my sick and elderly pets. My dogs actually get excited when Dr. Elliott comes to the house. They get extra special attention and treats which they love. I’ve had 2 emergencies that were after hours for the regular animal hospital. I initially thought my only option was an emergency hospital, but decided to call VETdispatch instead. Both times they were able to accommodate me and come to the house and treat my pets. I was very grateful and relieved for this service. Last month I had to put down my 18 year old cat and I was glad that it could be done at home. It took the stress out of having to pack her up in a carrier and then drive her to the hospital. It was truly a peaceful experience for my cat and me because she was in the comfort of her own home.

-Mary Christie, Chester


Lola is a pretty easy going dog, but she was definitely happy to just curl up in her bed after the exam was over vs. having to jump in the car for the ride home. I can say that I was relieved to not have to worry about what sick pets we would encounter in the waiting room of the animal hospital. My favorite part of the exam was when Dr. Tracy Cohen-Grady just got right down on my kitchen floor with Lola to give her a little love and treats before the exam began. Dr. Tracy and her vet tech had everything with them to complete a comprehensive exam. There wasn’t anything they couldn’t do during this exam in my home that they could do in a hospital exam. I have recommended this service to friends and family already and will continue to do so for many reasons. To name a few, the convenience, the elimination of the stress of going to the animal hospital (Lola would start panicking the second we pulled into the animal hospital parking lot for a regular exam) and the overall feeling of having the full attention of Dr. Tracy without the distractions that come along with being seen in an animal hospital.

-Michelle, Harrington Park


I am very pleased. You’ve spent a lot of personal time with my dog. You have a very friendly, great and convenient service.

-Anne Cramer, Montville


My dog has two bad hind legs and has trouble getting around, so to have a vet come to us is great. I am very happy with the service I receive.

-Laura Schuddeboom, Nutley


VETdispatch is awesome. Dr. Holly Hansen and her tech literally left my home about an hour ago and I had to write this review right away. They took great care of my Gigi and gave me so much information on her condition. They made me feel at ease and took my worries away. Pricing was extremely fair as well. I will definitely call them again to make future appointments.

-Julie Ann Labadia, Jersey City


Your service is very convenient, and you are very compassionate to my pets. It is very helpful with a household that has multiple pets.

-Mary DeMaio, Montville


We had such a great experience VETdispatch. Keri was extremely helpful in providing information on your practice and setting up our appointment. Dr. Hansen was great with our Lola Jean and made for a quick, easy and convenient appointment. We are very impressed and happy with your services.

-Becca Libby, Jersey City


We were very happy with VETdispatch. Our first experience was labor Day weekend this past year. Lucy, our 1 1/2 year old Golden tore her dewclaw. Dr. Elliott came out and removed the hanging nail and bandaged the paw. We were so worried as it was a Sunday on a holiday weekend, but Dr. Elliott was wonderful to come out and treat Lucy at our home. The next time we needed VETdispatch was for our beloved Roxanne. She was our 16 1/2 year old Black Lab/Springer mix. She was one of the best dogs, and we loved her. The decision to put her to sleep was a very heartbreaking one. She was unable to get up without help and she had to be carried outside daily. Dr. Elliott came to our house and very lovingly helped Roxie to a better place. Roxie was in her bed and I held her head while she passed. It was so peaceful. I thank Dr. Elliott for her amazing compassion and help at such a difficult time. Thanks to VETdispatch for offering such a wonderful service to our family pets, in our own home.

-Christine & Dave Rikkola, Mendham


VETdispatch is a wonderful and compassionate service. We will highly recommend it to anyone. A big thank you to Dr. Monica Maa for her kindness, consideration and professionalism and for helping us through a very difficult final earth day with our beloved best friend Keira (Kiki). Best wishes and continued success with VETdispatch.

-The Shields Family, Montgomery Village


We are writing to express our gratitude for all that VETdispatch has done for Jack and us over the last year and one-half. We believe that God bestowed Jack upon us and entrusted him to us, and it was the greatest gift that we could have received – we had a love for, and bond with, him whose depth defies description. Your kindness and skill in caring for him and his multiple health issues enabled him to live for a long time after most would have written him off completely, and not simply to survive, but to survive the only way he ever wanted to live – with true quality of life. Partnering with Jack and his outsized personality and keen intelligence for over sixteen years has so spoiled us that we are not sure that we would ever again want to have a dog, certainly not an “average” dog. If, however, in time we decide to bring another canine friend into our lives, you can be sure that you will be our veterinarian. Finally, on our behalf, and most especially on Jack’s behalf, please accept our heartfelt thanks for always being there for the three of us.

-Virginia and Dudley, Ridgewood


I just want to thank you for your caring and compassion with Simba. We appreciated it so much. It’s been a rough week, we keep expecting him to come around the corner, but I’m sure it will get easier as time goes on. Thanks again and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a home vet.

-Gail Brown, Chester


Both myself and my daughter want to thank tou very much for coming to our 16 year-old dog’s aide. Nikita was at the end of her life, and was beginning to show signs of pain. On short notice, Dr. Walker and her assistant came to her, and put her to sleep very peacefully. Although we were very upset, it was so much better this way. Nikita went peacefully. Both doctors were very kind. We thank you for your wonderful service.

-Mildred Van Harken & Linda Britting, Lincoln Park


There are not more caring people on the planet than Dr. Holly Hansen and her assistant. They have been guiding the care of our 16 year old dog, Charlie, for a few months and yesterday it was time to send Charlie on to his next adventure. Dr. Hansen came to our home and handled Charlie in the most competent and caring manner imaginable. They turned a most awful day for me into an experience that assured our family that we had done the best for Charlie. We can’t thank them or praise them enough.

-Deborah Herr, Caldwell